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ok, so first, this is important. You have to make sure you can get power. This is how.

AC Adaptors

When you are flying to another country or continent, you might require an ac adapter if you bring electrical items. If you do not have one, the electrical items you may bring will be useless. Why you might ask? Well because every country doesn’t have the same electrical outlet. It would be a good idea to know what kind of plug a country uses before going there to visit.

In North, South America, Japan and some of the Caribbean use an ungrounded plug that has two flat prongs or a grounded plug that has an additional third prong. Most of Europe,the Middle East, Asia, Africa and other parts of the Caribbean use a plug with rounded prongs. In order to use a device from another country in an electric outlet you will need an ac adapter.

There are many kinds of power adapters that you might need. Most electrical adapters come in a both grounded and ungrounded versions but some countries only use three pronged plugs so the only travel adapter listed will be a grounded adapter. Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and China use a slanted two prong adapter. Great Britain, Ireland, Africa, Hong Kong and Singapore use a three prong plug, with two flat prongs in line and one perpendicular. Some places in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Central America and the Caribbean use a grounded adapter. Italy uses electrical outlet with 3 rounded in-line prongs.

So you can always find out what kind of plugs is used when you’re traveling to another country. Or an easier way could be to have an ac adapter when your traveling it will save you much grief and money. If you’ve invested in an ac adapter you wouldn’t have to keep buying new electrical products when you travel to another country.

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